Legal Online Casinos in Canada

The best online casinos in Canada offer numerous bonuses that you can use to maximize your earning potential with all your favorite games. Learning more about legal casinos, the different offers available to you, the terms and conditions associated with them, and even how to check for the best reviews is sure to improve your overall experience.

Free Bonuses for Online Casinos Canada

Many legal online casinos in Canada offer up exceptional bonuses and free gifts. Some of the most popular include:

  • Deposit Matching - Canada online casinos often match your deposits in order to entice you to play. For example, if you deposit $50 and the venue matches it, this will give you the equivalent of $100 in your account, half of which is bonus money.
  • Free Spins - Free spins are just as popular, and these are self-explanatory. You will be given a predetermined number of spins that you can use on slot machines. Sometimes the machine is predetermined by the offer, but in some cases, you can select the one you like from a list. Sometimes these are also provided as part of a deposit match offer in which case there may be no wagering requirements.
  • Free Money No Deposit - Last, but most certainly not least, some legal venues hand out real money without the need for a deposit. Such offers are typically reserved for welcoming brand new account holders, but no deposit bonuses may also be provided as a loyalty reward.

Online Gambling Laws

You should also take the time to understand Canada laws as they apply to online casinos. Some of the most important ones to remember include:

  • Sites' servers cannot be located in Canada unless they are state or government-owned. - Technically, it is not legal to license gambling facilities on the internet in Canada, but most offshore servers are still located on the Kahnawake reserve or elsewhere.
  • Gambling is not illegal for the player. - You cannot be arrested or charged with any crime for visiting a gambling house or playing at a legal casino (local or offshore) or spending your money there. In fact, many brick and mortar casinos and casino resorts are available around the country.
  • Ending a monopoly - Ontario is currently looking to end it's single state-owned casino, and considering allowing private casinos to be licensed there.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

There are often terms and conditions associated with your membership, so be sure to keep these in mind.

  • Wagering and Playthrough Requirements - When you receive a bonus, the venue will require you to meet a set of stipulations before you can withdraw anything you win with that bonus. You may need to wager 10x, 20x, or even 50x the amount of your total winnings in order to make a withdrawal, which can make things a bit difficult. Read these terms carefully.
  • Withdrawal Times and Caps - Once you do meet the wagering and playthrough requirements (if applicable) and it's time to cash out, make sure that you read the terms associated with that withdrawal. There may be a waiting period, and in some cases, you may only be able to cash out a couple of hundred dollars maximum.
  • Identity Verification - In order to protect themselves (and you!) any legal venues will require you to verify your identity with a photo ID before they will process any kind of payout. This process takes about 72 hours on average, so be prepared for that wait time in addition to any sort of mandatory withdrawal processing time the casino may impose.

Reviews for Canadian Sites

When it comes to finding reviews for legal gambling venues, keep the following things in mind.

  • Reviews on the actual gambling site should be ignored. - If the review is available directly through the venue, it has been filtered by that venue and should not be trusted.
  • Always look for reviews through third parties. - Some of the best places to look for real and unbiased reviews include Facebook and even places like Reddit, where people discuss their real-life experiences.
  • Take everything with a grain of salt. - Just as the reviews you find through the actual casino may be skewed toward the positive, the ones you find on social media are more likely to be negative. People are more likely to comment on their negative experiences, and this can make it seem as if there are more negative experiences than positive even when that is not the case.

Choosing the best legal online casinos in Canada might feel like a challenge, but if you follow all the advice above, you are sure to find a legal, fun, and exciting place to enjoy all your favorite gambling games, whether you prefer slot machines, roulette, or something entirely different.