How to Redeem a New Player Bonus from Royal Panda Casino

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What's the one thing you want most out of an online casino? To a novice gambler, it might be an easy-to-use site that allows for simple navigation. Advanced gamblers may crave a faster pace or graphics that thrill, perhaps even a new player bonus for Canada based users. Few casinos cater well to both those who are new to online casinos and those who are well-versed in what they have to offer. With that said, the Royal Panda Casino is far from the standard.

During our Royal Panda Casino review, the first thing we noticed is the overall vibe of the site. Where most online casinos scream at you from every direction with flashing icons and bold graphics, the Royal Panda is intuitive and warm. The layout is friendly to those who have never logged in and equally as inviting to return members. Every game is fast to load and optimized for use on a variety of devices. The experience is seamless and built with the end user in mind.

With that said, what did our Royal Panda Casino review really unearth about this gaming platform? Is a first impression really everything? Let's take a look below.

Welcome Players At Royal Panda

One thing we're well aware of is that our review won't do you much good if you're not welcome to play at the casino itself. After all, many online casinos boast unique restrictions when it comes to which countries are offered gameplay. Keep in mind, this is not up to the casino itself, but local regulations and laws in those regions. With that said, who can play at the Royal Panda?

During our research, we found that there are only a handful of countries that cannot participate in gameplay. These countries include the US, Turkey, Spain, and Israel. Of course, even if your country allows gameplay, not every country will enjoy the same variety of games. For example, while those in Canada can play and will even receive a new player bonus as a Canada resident, you may not have access to the same games available in other countries. This is largely because certain software developers have restrictions based on licensing.

Review of Royal Panda Casino Gameplay

Now that we've established who can play at Royal Panda, let's talk games. After all, in our Royal Panda Casino review, we found that the only way a casino can walk the walk is to talk the talk. That means offering a smattering of games that appeals to a wide and diverse audience of players. With that said, what can you expect from gameplay?

First things first, you'll be treated to hundreds of games in the Royal Panda lobby. Because this is a web-based platform that can also be used on mobile devices, searching for what you want is straightforward and easy to understand. You can browse by title, type, popularity, or even jackpot size. You can even filter slots by how hot or cold they are. There is a massive variety of slot games, table games, and even live dealer games all in one single location.

Speaking of slots, there are 300 different options to choose from. Go with a three-reel slot machine or go for a five-reel and test your luck. Regardless of budget, or your ability to attain that new player bonus for Canada, you'll find a gaming option that suits your needs. Jackpots can go quite high on both slots and the 25 diverse jackpot games we found during our review. Some of these games boast potential prizes of well over $1 million dollars. Not too shabby right?

Anyone mostly interested in table games or live dealer games will find themselves swimming in a deep ocean of choice. Whether you're a fan of the classics and love to stick with basic games like poker and baccarat or you're a bit more adventurous, you'll find a myriad of play styles that cater to an international audience. Overall, our review found that gameplay options are well above average and totally worthy of your time.

Review of Royal Panda Casino Special Bonuses and Promotions

Any player, regardless of ability or background, enjoys a welcome bonus to dip a toe into the water of a particular casino. During our Royal Panda Casino review, we wanted to ascertain that players at Royal Panda aren't just treated to a new player bonus in Canada, but a variety of bonuses and promotions to keep you feel satisfied long after the initial rush.

First things first every player will enjoy a new player bonus for Canada and other countries, every player is ushered into the casino with a 100% match worth up to $100. What does that mean for you as a new player? We put it to the test during our review and found that the casino will in fact double that first deposit and give you up to $100 in free bonus cash. Not bad just for signing up, right?

Throughout our Royal Panda Casino review, we noted that the establishment offers what are known as reload bonuses. Unlike the initial new player bonus in Canada or other welcome bonuses, these do not rely upon you being a new player. Instead, these bonuses are offered up weekly and allow any player to start off their weekend on the right foot with a 50% bonus worth up to $150 in cash.

There are also a myriad of special promotions, the new player bonus for Canada notwithstanding. These special promotions are contingent upon the games you play and how often you partake in a particular game. For the purposes of our Royal Panda Casino review, we engaged in a game of blackjack. Our gameplay automatically allowed us to take part in the Lucky 21 promotion. This promotion occurs on the same day each month and grants you an extra $210 in winnings should you win at blackjack. Royal Panda Bonus

Banking At The Royal Panda

One thing we always focus on during our review process and specifically during the Royal Panda Casino review is how banking is handled at the establishment. Banking can be a make or break issue for new players, even those enjoying that new player bonus for Canada. Throughout our Royal Panda Casino review, we wanted to establish banking methods and security. Two things that matter to both novice and advanced gamers.

The first thing we found while examining banking practices while crafting this Royal Panda Casino review is that the brand definitely has more of a European focus when it comes to methodology. With that said, there are a smattering of great options for players from Europe and even Canada. Some of these methods are restricted based on your country and will cater to your currency. In the course of crafting this in-depth Royal Panda Casino review, we discovered that each option was secure, efficient, and fully encrypted to safeguard your privacy.

So what kind of methods are offered by the Royal Panda Casino? We found a whopping 18 diverse deposit methods, including standard credit cards like Visa, as well as e-bank options like Neteller and Safe2pay. In terms of withdrawal options, there are far less methods in play. You'll only have six options to choose from, including Visa and Skrill.

One thing we did find during the process of crafting Royal Panda Casino review is that many of these methods will require a minimum deposit of at least $10. Others will have withdrawal limitations as well and may break your payout into installments should it exceed a certain amount. Overall, our Royal Panda Casino review found that most banking actions were instantaneous or completed within 3-5 business days.

Final Thoughts

After a deep dive into writing this Royal Panda Casino review, we stand by our initial impression that this is an established and inviting casino that truly caters to its players first and foremost. With a lofty new player bonus for Canada and a myriad of ongoing promotions, players should generally feel valued and taken care of. Banking options are diverse and efficient, with an eye on security. We never felt as if we were taking any risks with our private information during the banking process or by utilizing the site.

Overall, we recommend this casino to anyone who wants a diverse range of games, mobile options, and big jackpots. We tested our luck for many weeks while crafting Royal Panda Casino review and always came out on the winning end. We won't say exactly how much we walked away with, but let's just say, some of those jackpots and promotions are no joke. When you feel like testing your luck at an online casino, let Royal Panda be a great jumping off point. Warm, inviting, and full of fun, you won't regret a wager at this establishment.